Shiny Side Down

In ‘Shiny Side Down’, last book of the trilogy, antagonist Liz Harker seeks full revenge for Tom Seiler’s destruction of her life. An unstable psychopath, her actions wreak havoc on the Seiler family and anyone with the title “friend of Tom Seiler.” Woven into the story is the sad case of a woman charged with vehicular homicide-and Texas does not take driving “under the influence” lightly. A thrilling end, catching everyone off guard, is lightning fast, vicious, and unexpected. Finishing the trilogy will be the harbinger of a new series, in a new location, but with some of the same characters.

Bad Intentions 

In this first book from the Trilogy, Tom Seiler has vices and virtues. He drinks, swears, and often struggles with his perception of ‘justice vs revenge’; but the former NASA design engineer also sees life in simple terms – right is right and wrong is wrong. An expert at all things mechanical, he and his family are drawn into a conspiracy involving a tractor-trailer collision killing four siblings in the small town of Alvin, Texas. A powerful Houston attorney, in a pre-tort reform strike at the trucking industry, planned and orchestrated the murders. The stakes in BAD INTENTIONS are immense – an up side of a quarter of a billion dollars and a down side of lethal injection in the Walls prison in downtown Huntsville, Texas. Geographically stretching from Houston to the beaches of Indianola, Seadrift and Port Aransas, Texas, BAD INTENTIONS weaves a tale of terror along the Texas coast. Caught in a maelstrom of complicity, his major adversary makes a final, fatal, decision. The gripping story ends with an opening to future confrontations.

© 2020 Jack Grubbs