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Maggie Dixon's Legacy: RESPONSIBILTY

During one of my daughter’s soccer games (many years ago) I’m walking past the other team’s head coach talking to his assistant coach. The conversation went something like:

“The referees don’t understand what off-sides means. Tell the forwards to run past the defenders before they receive a pass. We’ll get some easy goals.”

Now I agree the guy didn’t commit murder . . . but, he sure made an example not to be followed by his kids. Young people do look up to their coaches, mentors, and ordinary adults like a duckling looks to his mother.

During my blogs I plan to use Maggie Dixon, former coach of the West Point Women’s Basketball Team, as the “mark on the wall” for providing examples of exemplary leadership. I encourage you to look her up on any search engine around.

While I can compare many of her values to this story, I plan to write about only one at a time. For this blog I think of the value of RESPONSIBILITY.

Maggie felt responsible for the growth of every member involved with the 2005-2006 season – players, managers, coaches, and, through example, the West Point community. They were all part of her family and she chose to accept responsibility for all the team accomplished – from discipline on the court to helping those needing support, and in ensuring people understood the meaning of taking responsibility for that which goes right – and that which goes wrong.

Think about it – be RESPONSIBLE for those things needing your leadership. Be RESPONSIBLE for success on all levels.

By the way, although I told our coach about the conversation, I blew it by not confronting the opposing coach.

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