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In this first book from the Trilogy, Tom Seiler has vices and virtues. He drinks, swears, and often struggles with his perception of ‘justice vs revenge’; but the former NASA design engineer also sees life in simple terms – right is right and wrong is wrong. An expert at all things mechanical, he and his family are drawn into a conspiracy involving a tractor-trailer collision killing four siblings in the small town of Alvin, Texas. A powerful Houston attorney, in a pre-tort reform strike at the trucking industry, planned and orchestrated the murders. The stakes in BAD INTENTIONS are immense – an up side of a quarter of a billion dollars and a down side of lethal injection in the Walls prison in downtown Huntsville, Texas. Geographically stretching from Houston to the beaches of Indianola, Seadrift and Port Aransas, Texas, BAD INTENTIONS weaves a tale of terror along the Texas coast. Caught in a maelstrom of complicity, his major adversary makes a final, fatal, decision. The gripping story ends with an opening to future confrontations.

Bad Intentions: The 1st Book in the Tom Seiler Mystery Trilogy

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