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The second book of the trilogy, 'The Dryline' starts as a simple matter of forensic expert Tom Seiler assisting his younger brother in the design of an oil-slug extraction system. Quickly, all hell breaks loose. The potential profits of increasing the oil output for ten million stripper wells world-wide leads to a trail of murder, deception, and intrigue. Eventually Tom Seiler has no option other than taking on the Wellington Oil Exploration Corporation, a company whose leaders will stop at nothing to dominate the global stripper well market. They want full ownership of the extraction system and murder is but one set of means to reach their ends. Overwhelmed at the turn of events and unprepared for the ruthless nature of Wellington Oil, Tom teams with his physically disabled brother, Don, and a Houston police officer. With ground zero in the small Texas town of Luling, what follows is unpredictable and lethal. Strikingly, the entire chain of events was set into motion by the key adversary from the Houston murder case highlighting the first book of the trilogy, BAD INTENTIONS.

The Dryline: The 2nd Book in the Tom Seiler Mystery Trilogy

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